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the eyes and the window to your soul
found in friedrichshain, berlin.
monday morning found tom miserable

shot on a sunday on the polish east coast of the island of usedom. this is part of the ferry from ystad to świnoujście.
bright’n pier

the seebrücke in ahlbeck on the island of usedom in the baltic sea. it was really dark and really windy. i loved it.
one stop bible shop
the bijbelkiosk in scheveningen, den haag, the netherlands. summer 2014
i like yellow things
delft, the netherlands, summer 2014
if you like yellow things, too,  you should definitely give a listen to Tiel Faulkner’s song about it (click, hear). the song is from the very impressive ‘american song-poem anthology’  that sports a lot of very interesting songs from the sixties and early seventies that had small to no audience in their respective times. be warned however because allmusic.com states the record will ‘appeal more to hipster know-it-alls than the average consumer‘.
q.e.d. :)
the landschaps-zonneproject by piet slegers, 1979
i pushed the lights a bit so the metal triangle in the foreground gets completely white and looks a bit like been cut-out of the picture.
for fellow blogger ag.
i am having difficulties to describe what we have here… this is basically a robot.
behind that robot there is a ‘schlauchwehranlage im automatikbetrieb‘ which apparently translates quite directly as ‘inflatable rubber dam in automatic mode’ and i guess that sounds similarly ridiculous as it does in german. only for the uninitiated of course, no offense to the hydrologists and dam builders among the readers!
unfortunately the inflatable rubber dam was not inflated at the time of this shot so – coming back to the beginning – what we see here is the grating with which the rubber is shielded from debris. The thingies hanging above these gratings are giant robot hands that go down the gratings and get all the stuff that gets caught by these and put it into expectant containers on the right. circle of life! (not really…)
i found that whole installation quite impressive. probably even more so because it’s in the middle of berlin in the little river that gave name to the pankow district – the river panke.
urk, the netherlands, 2014
this is the other side of the ship that got painted by the summer painter.
strangely enough i had to think of morbid angel’s god of emptiness (click,hear) when choosing the title…  homographs, can’t live with them can’t live without them… :)
bonus fun fact: in german the bow of a ship is called bug
connecting the dots
i’m really happy about how this shot of a kreuzberg house entrance turned out.
exposed on long expired kodak elitechrome 400 slide film i got from a colleague with my girlfriend’s almost classic nikon f55. so many new old things for me…
the interior of a trabant 601 found in lichtenberg. aloha!